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    Bringing purest form of food direct from the farms


    Harnessing age-old wisdom passed down by Grandmas


    Being 100% transparent & thoroughly lab-tested


    Empowering rural India with employment & fair trade

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What Do Our Customers Say

  • A variety of ways to use my favourite coconut oil and honey. My skin feels nourished, my cuticles are soft, my lips are smooth, and many other benefits come from using them!

    Minerva Thakur

  • Their ghee helped solve my acid reflux problem. While cooking with wood pressed oils imparts a unique taste and I feel lighter
    Vedic Ghee, Anveshan Testimonial/Reviews

    Lakshmi Dev

  • This ghee is the most healthy option out there for children. I use it regularly for my daughter and she loves the taste
    Healthy and tasty Ghee, Anveshan Testimonial/Reviews

    Dr Shagun Walia

  • Works very well for holistic healing! This honey isn't your typical honey. It is very sweet and can tackle a sore throat like nobody's business :)

    Pankaj Tiwari

  • Absolutely delicious and golden ghee made from curd! It is made in villages on low heat, which gives it a fantastic texture and taste.


  • I love the aroma, texture, and taste of the ghee, and most importantly, it is preservative free! The ghee's high smoke point makes it easy to cook nutritiously and deliciously.

    Neelam Sharma

  • Consuming Anveshan ghee for 3 months improved my good cholesterol level and reduced bad cholesterol level
    Pure Ghee, Anveshan Testimonial, Reviews

    Avnish Sharma

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  • Anveshan Customer Service Team
  • Anveshan Customer Service Team
  • Anveshan Customer Service Team
  • Anveshan Customer Service Team
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