OUR MISSION Being Your Trustworthy and Transparent Food Partner

Pure and minimally processed food, directly from farms.
No false promises.

Who We Are?

Who We Are?

  • 18+ Food Micro-Entrepreneurs
  • 5000+ Community of Farmers

We are a community of farmer families (Anveshan village micro-entrepreneurs) spread across India. We have set up micro food processing units near the farms. This has helped generate rural employment, facilitate fair trade with the farmers, provide them with resources and eradicate middlemen from the supply chain.

Our Founders

Young and agile graduates from IIT Guwahati wanted to use their technical skills in the food and agriculture industry. They have the vision to bring food processing to the farm level and provide traditional superfoods to everyone.

  • Kuldeep Parewa

    Kuldeep Parewa

    Being from a farming family, I know the hardships they face. Equipping them with technology, financial aid, and food-processing machines will generate more value for them. And in turn, this leads to healthy and traceable food for consumers.

  • Aayushi Khandelwal

    Aayushi Khandelwal

    I have always missed my nani's recipes and nuskhe in this modern lifestyle. I have the vision to preserve these with India's lost superfoods and connect modern consumers with traditional food.

  • Akhil Kansal

    Akhil Kansal

    Using technology to assess food quality and create a direct-from-farm supply chain excites me the most. In this era of rising diseases, consumers need access to quality food, and farmers need to be empowered.

What Do We Offer?

What Do We Offer?

Purest form of authentic food
We assure to provide you with wholesome, chemical-free and preservative-free food straight from the farms. 

Minimally processed using traditional methods
The food is infused with our ancestors' passed on Ayurvedic and traditional wisdom. This ensures that all the natural nutrients and flavours are intact.

Prepared locally by farmer families
All the products are prepared with love by our micro-entrepreneurs in villages. Each time you buy from us, you help secure and empower rural livelihoods. 

With farm-to-fork transparency
Your food is monitored from procurement to delivery. Our supply chain is tech-enabled to assess quality parameters at each step. We have in-house, state-of-the-art certified labs to test every batch before packaging.

How Do We Do It?

Our Journey So Far