Our Story

Who We Are

Three young graduates from IIT Guwahati - Aayushi Khandelwal, Akhil Kansal, and Kuldeep Parewa; started the Anveshan revolution when they witnessed first-hand the duress of farmers at Kuldeep's ancestral village. Driven by a desire to help Indian farmers alleviate their financial hardships and enrich their lives, Anveshan strives to empower farmers to add value to their produce and democratize access to resources and markets.
Anveshan provides its customers with high-quality, products such as wood-pressed oils, desi ghee, raw honey, stone-ground spices, and superfood seeds.

What We Do

At Anveshan, we understand the problems farmers face trying to promote their enterprise and provide them with a platform to market their products to conscious consumers who value health, nutrition, and sustainability.
Adding value to agriculture in India, we devise and leverage data-backed solutions to advance farming and deliver high-quality products. Our unique solutions are completely traceable, and consumers can visualize the journey of the products purchased by scanning the unique QR code provided on each product. 
We are determined to empower Indian farmers by furthering the age-old Ayurvedic traditional processing methods and providing them with a transparent platform where they are assured of the value of their products and the earnings they make.
Anveshan creates a symbiotic relationship between farmers and consumers. Farmers enhance their profitability and become self-sufficient, while the consumers can depend on us for healthy and nutritional food products.

Why Choose Us

Anveshan provides high-quality, natural, affordable, and minimally processed food products directly sourced from Indian farmers embracing traditional Ayurvedic methods. We aim to promote a healthy lifestyle by ensuring that our patrons understand the benefits of consuming unadulterated foods and provide dependability and transparency through our unique traceability solution.
Anveshan is the perfect blend of trust, tradition, and technology. Since our establishment, we have served 100,000+ consumers. In addition, a total of 16 micro-entrepreneurs and thousands of farmers are associated with us. Our approaches aim at alleviating farmers' struggles through technological and economic support to produce all-natural food products.