About Us

 Anveshan's History


Anveshan is not a desperate attempt to earn recognition or few extra pennies. But it is a result of persisting efforts to stop struggles of one’s own family and health. Its well-said change starts at home.

Our Founder Kuldeep Parewa belongs from a small village near UP. He saw with his own eyes how farmers from his family suffered the havoc of unjust treatment in the agriculture industry. They were forced to drop farming and need to take a train at 5 o’clock early in the morning to reach Delhi to do a petty blue collar 5k-10k job.

He was struck with lightning when realized his uncle started working as a driver and had to sell his land to satisfy his basic family needs. Out of all the people out there we Indians know that farmers rather die than sell their land, they treat it with the same stature as their mother.  This made him feel like thousands of needles pricking his heart. This ignited the flame and the idea of Anveshan took birth. He pledged to create an impact in farmers' life. 

As from the farmer family he had access to first-hand information. So, he researched where they went wrong. He came across the two major problems which gave the middleman the upper hand. First, these farmers are not able to add value to their raw products for example they are producing mustard seed but not mustard oil which can provide a high-profit margin, and second, even though they may able to add value but were not able to market their product as they don’t have sufficient resources to obtain a license, or understand marketing tactics.

This all gave birth to Anveshan’s decentralized unit where a farmer can convert their raw products into directly consumable goods and we help them to sell them.

During his college, he met our co-founders Aayushi Khandelwal and Akhil Kansal which provided new insight and made Anveshan from a scratched idea into a brand. Our co-founder Aayushi Khandelwal when shifted to Bangalore she started facing health issues like PCOD, hair fall. So, both our co-founder started their research and confronted a huge quality gap in so-called healthy brands that claim to be natural and organic but can’t prove it. This trust problem in food brands has not been resolved and showed a loophole in the food industry. So, they added that not only empower farmers, let's provide a brand where we can provide healthy and prime quality food to these consumers.

Before nobody was able to achieve this trust because they were not able to sustain the quality of the product. But we at Anveshan provide you high-quality products and we can prove it. Our founders are IITians and from tech backgrounds graduated from computer science. So, their tech mind devised a traceability solution. They developed few quality standards and control data points in the supply chain and started recording them in the app. From the production to the packaging wherever it is possible they put checks to meet the standards. It is similar to in-person verification of products at each step.  We provide this data to our customers through our unique QR code which you will find in our product.