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  • What Is A Balanced Diet and Why Is It Important?

      These days, health and fitness are among the top priorities for almost everyone. While exercising is key to staying healthy, having a balanced d...
  • Top 10 Nutritious Foods for Every Day

    A balanced diet is indeed the code to wholesome and healthy eating. However, what, how, and when do you eat decides how good your food habits are....
  • List of Nutrients in Food

    A health-conscious person knows that hitting a gym isn’t enough to maintain the energy of the body while burning calories. Neither undergoing inte...
  • Hemp Seeds Benefits, Nutrition, Uses, And Side Effects

    Superfoods are trending! Fitness freaks are going crazy over these healthy yet hidden treasures of nature, especially the seeds. And one such superfood is hemp seeds, also known as hemp hearts. 

    However, despite all the advantages, people are still sceptical about it only because it belongs to Cannabis sativa. Are you also in the same bandwagon?

  • Benefits of Sunflower Seeds And Its Nutrition Facts

    Loved for their high nutrient quotient and a mild and nutty taste, sunflower seeds make a perfect go-to snack. These tiny seeds shelled in black and white hulls offer a lot of health benefits. Here we have put together the uses and perks of having these wholesome seeds for you. But before that, let's have a look at the nutrition profile of sunflower seeds.
  • Pumpkin Seeds Nutrition And Health Benefits

    Now that we have mentioned Ayurveda, we have to figure out how old gems of Ayurveda can adjust in our modern lives and our everyday intake of diet. There are multiple ingredients, but for today we will be talking about one: Pumpkin Seeds. These little pumpkin seeds are powerhouses for our bodies. We believe in facts, and that’s the reason we follow the statistical nutritional value of these seeds. 

  • Flax Seeds Diet & Nutrition : Benefits & Side Effects

    Flax (Linum usitatissimum) seeds are one of the superfoods that the world is going crazy about. In Ayurveda, Flaxseeds are considered as 'Balya' (...
  • Health Benefits of Chia Seeds: Nutrition | Recipes | Weight Loss

      Let’s help you find a nutritional snack rather than an unhealthy food you have been hogging on. We have added chia seeds to our diet. Have you? ...
  • Anveshan Farms Raises Rs.1.2 Crores Pre-Seed Funding

    What is Anveshan?  We at Anveshan, want to be the brand that provides high-quality, natural minimally processed food made in the villages of In...
  • Ayurvedic Benefits of Flaxseed and FAQs

    Ayurveda regards flax seeds as Balya - a provider of strength and Medhya - brain booster. More and more nutritionists recommend a flaxseeds meal for a range of purposes - arresting hair fall, spurring hair growth, lowering bad cholesterol, managing blood sugar levels, and more. 
  • The Right Way to Make Ghee from Malai at Home

    According to Ayurveda, ghee is a food item that offers numerous health benefits. Looking at the scientific facts, we can see that ghee contains SC...
  • 5 Ways To Use Ghee for Skin

      There is one household ingredient that holds the secret to fresh and young-looking skin. The humble ghee is a storehouse of some of the most ben...