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Anveshan Farm

Anveshan Farm - 2 mins read

Anveshan Raises Rs 3.67 Cr in Seed Funding

Anveshan Blogs

Anveshan Raises Rs 3.67 Cr in Seed Funding

- 2 mins read

D2C healthy food brand Anveshan Thursday said it raised Rs 3.67 crore in a seed round led by DSG Consumer Partners, along with Titan Capital and Anjali Bansal from Avaana Capital. Existing investors, including boAt Lifestyle and Beardo founders, also participated in the round.  Anveshan will use the funds to hire new talent and strengthen and standardise its manufacturing units. It will also enhance its operational processes, improve quality control parameters, and R&D of new products. ...
Anveshan Farm
independence from malnutrition

Why are experts opposing mandatory food fortification by FSSAI?

- 7 mins read

Recently, FSSAI decided to mandate the fortification of rice and edible oils with vitamins and minerals. Through this, they plan to combat malnutrition in India. In response, a cohort of...
Coconut Oil and Aloe Vera for Hair

Using Aloe Vera and Coconut Oil for Hair 

- 7 mins read

The natural goodness of coconut oil combined with a host of beneficial properties like Aloe Vera gives your hair strength and sheen you always wished for.  Benefits of Aloe Vera...
aloe vera and coconut oil for skin

All About Using Aloe Vera and Coconut Oil for Skin

- 8 mins read

Benefits for Skin | Ways to Use | Skin Type | Precautions Aloe vera and Coconut oil are skin superfoods! When you want your mood to be good, you eat healthy...
coconut oil on hair

Hair Care with Coconut Oil

- 8 mins read

Why it Works | Benefits | Hair Wash |  On Wet Hair | Caution The urban culture lifestyle provides no time for health management. In such a fast paced life there is no...
coconut oil for skin

Ways to Use Coconut Oil for Skin

- 13 mins read

For Face | For Acne | For Eyebrows and Eyelashes | Salon at Home  Coconut oil has been known for its health-promoting benefits, but in fact, several studies state that coconut oil is good for skin...
coconut oil pulling

Oil Pulling with Coconut Oil

- 8 mins read

Oil Pulling | Process | Benefits | FAQs Oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic practice. Also known as 'Gandusha Kriya', this remedy protects against major oral ailments and improves overall well-being. What is Oil Pulling? Oil pulling...
coconut oil nutrition

Is Coconut Oil Healthy?

- 14 mins read

Unrefined | Nutrition | Benefits | Note | FAQs Coconut oil has always been valued for its Ayurvedic significance. It is known to pacify Vata (wind) and Pitta (fire) while increasing the Kapha (earth...
coconut oil for fat loss

Using Coconut Oil for Weight Loss - Is it a myth?

- 7 mins read

Why to Use |  How it Works |  How Much to Consume | How to Use |  Which Oil to Use  From the skin to the heart, from hairs to nails, coconut oil has...
Coconut oil and Honey

Complete guide to using Honey and Coconut Oil for Hair and Face

- 7 mins read

Coconut oil and Honey are marketed as superfoods because of their amazing health-promoting benefits. Ever wondered what magic will they do when blended? Yes, a myriad of homemade remedies.
importance of balanced diet

What Is A Balanced Diet and Why Is It Important?

- 13 mins read

A balanced diet is very important for a healthy body. It protects us from diseases and keeps us active and rejuvenated.

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