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Gir Cow Ghee 400 ml Glass Jar

Made from genuine A2 milk of desi Gir cows native of Gujarat. The ghee is made using the Ayurvedic bilona method of churning curd into butter which helps in building the perfect fatty acid profile, aroma and flavour.

100 % pure

100 % natural

No chemicals added

₹900.00 ₹1,050.00

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  • Benefits
  • FAQs
  • The butter is heated on natural wood-fired ("Chullah"). We use copper and stainless steel utensil (No Aluminium Utensil Used)
  • We follow Hindu Traditions SHUTAK, if any cow gives birth to a calf, we do not use its milk for 15 days, which make our Ghee suitable for Holy Rituals.
  • The cows are feed with green grass and leys in the scheduled diet. The diet comprises of various grasslike corn, millets, mung gains, groundnut crushing and other green grasses.
  • Nutritious cattle feed comprising of Cotton Seeds, Coconut and Corn is also provided to cows.
  • GIR COW GHEE BENEFITS: Full of Anti-Oxidants, gluten-free, Has anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties helping you recover from sickness, good for Heart, nourishes the skin and strengthen the sense organs.
  • Gluten-free

  • Full of Antioxidant

  • Immunity Booster

  • Good for heart

  • Antibacterial and anti-viral properties

  • Nourishes skin

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
made fresh

I only use A2 milk ghee because it is so much healthier. Out of all the brands I tried, this one seems most authentic and genuine. I finally found a trustworthy and quality brand. Good job Anveshan.

The real deal

At first I thought the ghee was adulterated because it didn’t thicken and had a thin, runny consistency. I have tried other A2 ghees and this didn't happen with any of them.

But before I could reach out to them about it, they called me themselves to ask how my experience with the purchase was. When I told them about this, the founders at Anveshan themselves assisted me with this issue and offered to send me a replacement. The fact that they personally offered to help me out shows their passion and dedication towards the product.

However, by then the ghee had settled down into a thick, consistent solid, exactly how pure ghee does. So I declined the offer of replacement. The ghee just needed some time to settle down after spending hours in transit.

For those who had the same concerns as me, you should know that the melting and crystallisation of the fats can be affected by temperature and weather and also the transit conditions. These effects are temporary and I would suggest you to wait because over time you can notice the real texture and consistency of the ghee. However, the taste and quality remains unaffected.

Despite the confusion, I went on to discover that Anveshan ghee is top notch when it comes to quality and taste when I started using it. So I’m recommending this ghee to anyone who’s looking for something pure and trustworthy.

good quality and quantity

Great Product, I've come across a lots of Ghee but this is a very good ghee. Solidified soon after purchase, which shows that it is natural and pure. Here are some pros and cons
a. Well Packed
b. Great taste
c. Smell like pure organic ghee
d. No taste of adulterants, very organic

a. Slightly Delayed Delivery
b. The glass on the outside is a little slippery when ghee is present.

really worth it

Money well spent, would definitely recommend. I am giving it only 4 stars because I recieved product little late, but product is in good condition.