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Mishri Gulkand

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  • Handmade
  • Indian Damask Roses
  • Aids digestion
  • Natural coolant


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Our Mishri Gulkand is made from Dhagewali Mishri and the rare Indian Damask roses, which bloom only twice a year in the pristine hills of Pushkar, Rajasthan. The finest hand picked roses and mishri mixture goes through an ayurvedic process that involves sun-cooking for over a month, yielding a nutrient-rich traditional delicacy.
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Nature’s Best Remedy

Gateway to gut health

Gulaknd helps in relieving acidity, bloating, and strengthens your liver.

Beat the heat

Anthocyanins in Gulkand naturally cool the body, relieving fatigue, aches, and lethargy.

 Get glowing skin

Gulkand's powerful detoxifying abilities purify the blood by removing toxins. Plus, its high vitamin C content protects and boosts skin health.

Soothe Your Menstrual Woes

The presence of iron and anthocyanins helps in hormone regulation.

Boost haemoglobin levels naturally

Rich in iron and minerals, Gulkand helps enhance haemoglobin levels and increase overall energy levels.

Curb the post-meal sweet cravings

Gulkand is a healthier choice than processed sweets. 

100% pure and nourishing delicacy

Our farmers carefully harvest the Indian Damask roses before the sun rises. They start their day at 4 AM, plucking the roses before the sun to shield their aroma and goodness.

Indulge in the sweetness of Mishri with our delicious gulkand. This ancient ingredient has been used for ages as a mood enhancer, natural mouth freshener, and energy booster. 

With delicate care, the rural women layer fragrant rose petals and mishri in earthen pots. Next, the mixture is slow-cooked for a month under the sun between 10 AM and 4 PM. This traditional process preserves nutrients, flavour, and the heavenly aroma of the roses. 

Aromatic Journey Of Making Mishri Gulkand

Add Mishri Gulkand to your diet

Have it spoonful directly from the jar

First thing in the morning or as a post-meal dessert

Prepare rose sharbat by mixing it in water

To experience a refreshing summer coolant and digestive tonic in one

Mix it in milk

Drink it before bed for sound sleep

Peek into the World of Mishri Gulkand

Curb Your Sweet Cravings

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth with Mishri Gulkand

Traditional Rose Delicacy

It's a timeless summer delicacy made with the finest Damask roses and Dhaagewali Mishri.

Mishri Gulkand Remedy for a Healthier Gut

Gulkand is known to help improve gut-related issues like acidity and digestion.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the gulkand highlights?

Carefully selected fresh Rose petals of a particular medicinally effective Damask rose species which grows in the middle of the year for a few months only. It is prepared under natural sun heat that imparts its taste and efficacy. No artificial heating is applied to preserve its maximum potency.

How to consume gulkand?

Gulkand can be consumed in ½ tsp portions post Dinner and lunch. In addition, 1 tsp can be mixed with lukewarm milk at bedtime, easing the sleeping problems.

What are gulkand side effects?

Gulkand may cause headaches and early greying of hair.
Rock sugar is used in traditional recipes. In gulkand, the percentage of Rock sugar is around 55-70 %. Hence, Gulkand comes under a high glycemic index group of food.

Is gulkand good for health?

Yes, gulkand is good for health and may help with brain disorders, improve respiratory function, enhance cardiovascular function, fight against bacterial infections, act as an antioxidant and reduce inflammation.

What precautions are to be taken while having gulkand?

If you have chronic build-up or discharge of mucous in your nose or throat and swelling in the mucous membrane, you must be cautious before consuming gulkand.
Pregnant and lactating mothers and elderly individuals shall take precautions before having gulkand.
It is not recommended for Diabetic and insulin-resistant patients.

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Mishri Gulkand

Umesh Kumar Saraf

Mishri Gulkand

jagjit singh sandhu

Best quality product

Garima Singh
Great Taste

I loved the Mishri Gulkand! It's sweet and smells amazing. The website was easy to use, and the delivery was fast.

Mansi Yadav
Absolute Delight :)

Anveshan' s Mishri Gulkand is a true treat! The aroma upon opening the package is divine, and the taste is simply amazing. The blend of rose petals, and Mishri creates a perfect harmony of flavors. Spread it on toast or enjoy it straight from the spoon—it doesn't disappoint. eco-friendly packaging showcases Anveshan's commitment to quality and sustainability. With prompt delivery and exceptional customer service, this Gulkand is a must-try. Treat yourself with this delightful experience—it's worth every bite!😍

Dear Mansi,
Thanks for your kind words. We look forward to serving you.