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Wood Pressed Groundnut Oil

As nutty as it can be...
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  • 100% natural
  • Unrefined
  • No additives
  • Sieve filtered
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Bring home the goodness of our cold-pressed groundnut oil made from handpicked groundnuts of Tamil Nadu. Packed in eco-friendly glass bottles and tin cans, it preserves natural aroma, taste, and nutrients. Our premium quality oil will leave you speechless!

  • 1500+ Farmers Empowered
  • Procured from Tamil Nadu
  • 16 Lab Tests Done
  • Journey of our Oil
  • Why it's Awesome
We work with farmers directly and aim to produce the best quality products that are entirely natural. The oil may contain some sediments, not to worry! These sediments in your oil are a mark of cold pressed oil.
Ethically Sourced

Ethically Sourced

We source our oils directly from farmers and offer them better prices. We also ensure fair treatment, community support, sustainable production and food quality.

Unshelled and Sun-dried

Unshelled and Sun-dried

The groundnuts are thoroughly cleaned, their shells are removed, and then they are sun-dried.

Kolhu Pressed

Kolhu Pressed

The groundnuts are cold pressed (in wooden Kolhu) at a low temperature to maintain their high nutrient value.

Sieve Filtered

Sieve Filtered

Then the oil is then left for sedimentation for 2-3 days. Following this, the oil is sieve filtered.

Quality Checks

Quality Checks

Groundnut oil undergoes strict quality checks at our facility and conforms to FSSAI standards.



It is then packed in a bottle/tin can when it clears all the mandatory tests.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between refined and cold-pressed oils?
Refined oils are colourless, odourless and flavourless fluids. The regular refined oils are extracted using solvents and grinding them at high speed, which can generate heat up to 100°C, which degrades the oil's taste and nutritional composition. Trans fats are produced in this process, making them unfit for your heart.
While our cold-pressed oils are extracted through pressing and grinding of seeds below a temperature of 50°C. Though it is a slow and time-consuming process, they retain their natural flavour, aroma, and nutritional value. They are high in antioxidants and vitamins and contain good fats for a healthy heart.
Why are Anveshan cooking oils expensive?
Anveshan offers premium quality oils that are cold-pressed in wooden Kolhu by crushing raw seeds/nuts and forcing the oil through pressure. Our oils are also “First pressed, “ meaning that the seeds/nuts were crushed and pressed only once. The oils are unrefined, unbleached, and, most importantly, natural.
When oils are extracted in this way, it retains their genuine flavour, aroma, and antioxidants and nutrients. It does not alter the properties of the oil and make them great for cooking and skin care requirements. Thus, cold-pressed oils cost more but are worth spending.
Is it suitable for deep frying?
Groundnut oil has a high smoke point and pleasant taste, making it perfect for deep frying. The light texture makes it an ideal cooking oil that pairs with other flavours without overpowering them.
Is it safe to use groundnut oil on your skin?
Groundnut oil massage can energize your body and gives great relief to aching joints and muscles if used daily. It contains vitamin E, which is excellent for skin protection.
Our groundnut oil is pure, chemical-free and safe to use. However, as a precautionary measure, we recommend that you try a patch test.
Is there a noticeable smell?
Yes, our Wood Pressed Groundnut Oil has a natural, mild, and nutty smell of groundnuts.