Ghee is Good for Babies

8 Ways in Which Ghee is Good for Babies

For Brain | For Energy | Stronger Bones | Massage

A form of clarified butter that originated in ancient India, ghee can improve the taste of food dramatically.

The humble ghee is also good for babies as it helps in metabolism, nourishment, and skin health. But most parents are sceptical about its usage due to a lack of direction and information.

Can babies eat ghee? Is ghee good for baby massage? Does ghee cause gas in babies? They have all sorts of questions that are rarely appropriately answered, preventing them from using ghee for their baby's growth. But not anymore.

8 Ways In Which Ghee is Good for Babies

Ghee is good for babies

Here are the 8 different ways in which ghee is good for babies:

1. Helps Brain Development

Ghee helps in brain development

Among the several health benefits of ghee, its assistance in brain development in infants is perhaps the biggest. It is loaded with vitamin A and omega-3 fatty acids, which are known to aid in brain development in the young.

This is why parents are recommended to add a spoonful of ghee into their children's diet as soon as they start weaning off breast milk.

2. Helps in Weight Gain

ghee helps in weight gain

Ghee is also a great food item for weight gain. Just one spoon of pure ghee from bovine milk can help babies gain a healthy weight naturally.

3. Provides Energy

ghee provides energy

With a boost in weight comes natural energy. Babies who are fed ghee or ghee-based products have better stamina and energy when they grow up. But parents should make sure that they only feed pure desi ghee or homemade ghee. The Anveshan A2 Ghee is one perfect example.

4. Helps in Digestion

ghee helps in digestion

Babies usually react to foods very quickly, but ghee is one item that rarely troubles them. Great for metabolism, it is a great way to keep the tummy troubles (like gas and constipation) at bay.

5. Improves Bone Health

Ghee improves bone health

Ghee is also known to improve bone health in babies. The initial few years are important for their growth, and small amounts of ghee in their diet can do wonders to their body.

6. Metabolism Expert

Ghee acts as a metabolism expert

Pure ghee, when taken in small amounts, can help parents get rid of gas troubles in their babies. A great food catalyst, it strengthens immunity.

7. As a Massage Oil

ghee as massage oil

Ghee is great for baby massages as it has natural moisturizing qualities, helping in making their skin supple, soft, and healthy. Use it as a natural moisturizer instead of baby lotions that are filled with chemicals.

8. As an Alternative to lactose-intolerant Babies

ghee alternative to lactose intolerant

Lactose-intolerant babies can safely consume ghee. This is because ghee is free from or has a very minimal amount of milk solids which makes it easily digestible.


At Anveshan, the belief is that the benefits of nutrition of ghee should reach every household. Parents can use a teaspoon of ghee in their baby’s diet for their growth and development without any question. Try the A2 Vedic Ghee today made from cow's milk.