Curd Churned Bilona Ghee

Curd Churned Bilona Ghee - The right way to prepare ghee

Do you know the meaning of the auspicious “Ghee”? It is derived from the Sanskrit word 'ghrita', which means purity. Have you ever questioned the purity of ghee which is used in almost all our cuisines across India?

The Scenario of Milk Products in India

current scenario of milk products

As per FSSAI, 68% of milk products are adulterated in India. All the commercial companies use contaminated milk products made by A1 milk to generate higher profits. They use various other chemicals like animal fat, caustic soda, and dalda (hydrogenated oil) which causes diseases like diabetes, autism, high cholesterol, cancer, and other heart diseases. These milk products may come across as a better alternative due to their cheap price and accessibility but eventually, they will degrade your health.

Curd Churned Bilona Ghee

Elemets of Curd Churned Bilona Ghee

A2 milk is the core constituent of all the beneficial properties of ghee. Bilona ghee is prepared using A2 milk by the conventional method of churning curd. It is a simple process of ‘manthan’ where ghee is prepared by churning the curd made out of A2 milk using a wooden churner and then heating the cream obtained from it. The churning being bi-directional enhances the medicinal properties of ghee. Once the water evaporates from the cream, the ghee is separated from the milk solids and hence consumed.

Why is bilona churning the right way to prepare ghee?

Scientific Backing

  • It has been found in a study that bilona ghee has an omega-3 to omega-6 ratio of 0.69 which is comparatively higher than direct-cream ghee having a ratio of 0.5, which helps in maintaining cholesterol levels.
  • Moreover, the significantly higher level of DHA-percentile in bilona ghee: 0.08% more than direct cream, reducing chances of coronary diseases by 0.06%.
  • A higher proportion of conjugated linoleic acid in curd of bilona ghee: 2.5% than direct cream: 0.7% has proved as anti-carcinogenic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-allergic properties.

Our bilona ghee has all the benefits mentioned above and is produced only from A2 milk by the conventional method, making it a healthier option along with adding natural flavor to the food.