Sesame oil for skin and hair

Sesame Oil for Glowing Skin and Healthy Hair

Why Sesame? | For Skin | For Hair 

We have all known sesame oil either from its large use in cosmetics or from our grandmother’s kitchen as she makes pickles or chutneys. Sesame oil is one of the earliest and most beneficial oils known to mankind. From being traditionally used in the Indian kitchen to being an important element in the practice of “Abhyanga” or self-massage, sesame oil is considered extremely auspicious in the Hindu culture. 

But not many people know about using sesame oil for healthy hair and glowing skin. If you are one of them then don’t worry, just continue reading!

What makes sesame oil better than other oils for your hair and skin?

Sesame oil for skin

Sesame oil has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. Rich in antioxidants, its benefits extend beyond the kitchen. It contains vitamin E, which can help protect the skin and scalp from environmental factors like pollution. It also contains essential fatty acids that can keep your skin and scalp moisturized and hydrated. The presence of healing components in sesame oil are beneficial for your hair and skin health.

Sesame oil for young skin: a common misconception

Sesame oil for skin

It is a common misconception that any type of oil is unhealthy for acne-prone, young skin. Sesame oil, however, is proven to be extremely beneficial for fighting acne. It prevents clogging of pores and controls eruptions, naturally giving your skin good health and lustre.

The sesame oil can is also largely used for baby skin, protecting the tender skin against rashes. When massaged in the area covered by a diaper, it not only tightens the skin but also protects against common skin pathogens.

How to use sesame oil for skin?

Sesame oil for skin

Sesame oil can be used on your skin for both moisturising and massage. You can apply a few drops to your face and gently dab it after washing your face. It can also be used as a cleanser to get rid of excess oil and dirt before washing your face. Either way, it is easily absorbed into your skin and will give your skin an instant glow. 

Sesame oil for hair and scalp nourishment

Sesame oil for hair

Sesame oil is also known to work wonders on your hair. Although the tradition of using oils for hair health hasn’t died, sesame oil has largely been replaced by coconut and other oils.

Prevents premature greying- With hair-darkening properties, sesame oil can help your hair retain its original colour.

Promotes hair growth and reduces hair loss- Using sesame oil is an effective hair loss treatment. It improves blood circulation and strengthens hair follicles.

Treating dandruff and lice- Sesame oil has antibacterial properties which help in fighting fungal and bacterial infections and hair problems like dandruff and lice.

Soothes damaged hair- Sesame oil can nourish and soothe your scalp and also relieves anxiety and hair fall due to stress.

Protects hair from UV rays and pollution- Sesame oil can be used for protection from the sun and guard it against pollution.

How to use sesame oil for hair?

Sesame oil can be used with a combination of essential oils but since it is a great absorbent by itself, it can be used as it is. It can be massaged directly into the hair and gently applied from root to tip. For best results, it is recommended to use warm oil for this purpose.

With numerous valuable properties, sesame oil can be a solution for most hair and skin problems. However, making sure the oil is pure and unprocessed is essential to protect ourselves from additional problems. Try our wood-pressed sesame oil now!