Black Sesame Wood Pressed Oil

Open Sesame: An Ayurvedic Gateway to a Healthier Life

Tvachya | Balya | Keshya

From a nostalgic whiff of a delicious dish at your grandma’s place to a recommendation from your Ayurvedic doctor of choice, sesame oil has remained and will continue to remain an important feature of both Indian culinary culture and age-old Ayurvedic remedies. Being a significant ingredient in Indian dishes and snacks like the popular sesame seed chikki, sesame seeds, and oil have been deeply rooted in Indian tradition and culture.

Ayurveda has categorised the holistic well-being related benefits of sesame oil in the following categories:

Tvachya - Skin


Being both entirely naturally sourced and effective, sesame oil is the go-to for smoothing and nourishing all skin types and has been known to show combating properties against common skin pathogens. The antioxidants present in the oil also prevent the effects of ageing on our skin so that we all make our skin glow without the aid of harmful additives.

Balya - Strenght


Regular consumption of sesame oil has proven to have strength promoting benefits. The oil is widely renowned to have properties that aid bone strength and muscle strength. A lesser-known yet equally important attribute is that sesame oil contains an amino acid that is connected to serotonin activity and helps develop mental strength against common mental ailments like stress and depression.

keshya - hair


Sesame oil has undeniable benefits that not only nourish your hair but also promote hair growth, reduce hair fall, and relieve grey hairs.

Ayurvedic literature dictates that sesame oil pacifies the Vata- the subtle energy movement, both at a gross, muscular level and a subtler cellular movement. Beyond the aforementioned, sesame oil has also posed some serious competition to dentists across the country due to its teeth strengthening properties. Other properties that are worth a mention are the oil’s tendency to support faster intellectual development, memory, bolsters immunity, and also acts as a natural aphrodisiac.

Healthy Wood Pressed Black Sesame Oil

With its myriad of health-related benefits, sesame oil is irresistible to fitness enthusiasts of any degree. We, at Anveshan, have succeeded in creating just the product for you. Being 100% natural, unprocessed, cold-pressed, chemical-free, and healthy. Also socially and environmentally conscious being vegan, preservative-free, and gluten-free, our specially curated wood pressing method ensures that the multiple nutrients and the rich flavour of the sesame seeds is not only retained but enhanced with purity.