Cold-Pressed Oils

Cold-Pressed Oils: The Past and The Future

As per the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) and the World Health Organisation (WHO), the average actual total consumption of oils per person per day is 100-150 grams, as opposed to the required intake for the human body of 20-30 grams per day. This means that real consumption is five times higher than what is required by the body. Since oils constitute an important part of our diet, it is important to understand the types of oils and their impact on our body.

About oils


 how refined oils are obtained


Refined oil which is more commonly known as expeller oil, is consumed widely in spite of its impact on our body. During its manufacturing, refined oils are processed at extremely high temperatures exceeding 200 degrees Celsius and are mixed with chemical solvents to enhance the yield. This kills the nutrients in the seeds and alters the molecules making it only unhealthy fat, that is devoid of nutrients. It has high trans fats which directly leads to an increase in bad cholesterol. Also, other chemicals are added to increase shelf life, enhance colour and boost odour of these oils that harmful impacts on our body.

Cold Pressed Oil - Knowledge of the Past and Health for the future

Cold pressed oils

A healthy future demands a healthy body - one that is free of disease and impairments. To achieve this, it is evident that refined oil is not the solution. So the question of the hour is, what to consume if not refined oil?

The answer to this question lies in the past - Cold-Pressed Oils.

This answer was found by analysing the habits of people in earlier civilisations. Evidence of apparatus of cold-pressed oil was found in ruins of Harappan civilisation which is approximately 5000 years old and is still a common sight in most rural areas.

importance of cold pressed oils 

In the cold-pressed method of extraction, oilseeds are pressed manually to extract oil by conventional mortar and pestle method. The main advantage of using the cold-pressed method is that the nutrient values of oil remain intact as the temperature in the manufacturing process does not exceed more than 50 degree Celsius and it does not involve the addition of any chemical solvents. This method of extraction is used for the production of sesame, coconut, groundnut and mustard cold-pressed oils.

"Chekku”, “Ghani” and “Kolhu” oil are some demotic words commonly known for cold-pressing machines. The machine is a simple set up with a Pestle and Mortar crushing oil seeds to yield oil, similar to the traditional method.

Thus, Cold Pressed Oil is a healthy choice that ensures that our body is healthy and safe while we enjoy our favourite delicacies. ( Have a look at our Cold-Pressed Oils ).