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Stone- Ground Coriander Powder

Experience Anveshan’s 100% pure, authentic, organic, preservative and additive free coriander powder. It is made from the finest seeds grown organically and handpicked for grinding. Our coriander powder has an unique aroma and refreshing taste. The seeds are grounded using traditional method of ‘Imam Dasta’ which ensures temperature of less than 40 degree celsius. Cool grinding of the coriander ensures coriander retains its essential oils and beneficial nutrients along with its natural aroma and taste. Our process ensures the cholesterol reducing benefits remain intact in the product.


  • 100% pure, organic, authentic and traditional.
  • Preservative free and natural.
  • Grounded using a traditional method of Imam Dasta.
  • Obtained using cool grinding method.
  • 2x Essential oils.
  • Retains natural taste and aroma.
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