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A2 Desi Cow Ghee & Black Sesame Oil

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  • 100 % natural
  • No added chemicals
  • Locally sourced
  • Lab-tested



Make your meals tastier and healthier with Anveshan’s wood pressed oil and A2 ghee combo. Our premium quality combo products are natural, chemical-free and lab-tested before being packed. Get the purity straight from the farms to your food.

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What's in it

A2 Desi Cow Ghee

A2 Desi Cow Ghee

Our bilona churned ghee is made from the milk of grass-fed Hallikar cows of Karnataka. Made in small batches, the ghee has a fresh and tempting flavour. Ghee is thoroughly lab-tested using 17 parameters to ensure quality standards.

Sesame Oil

Sesame Oil

Our Black Sesame Oil is sourced from Tamil Nadu. It is extracted using the cold pressing best quality sesame seeds to ensure that it is rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other essential elements that make it a healthy choice.

How to use it?

Apply On Rotis
Apply On Rotis

Apply ghee on tawa fresh rotis and parathas to make them more moist and digestible.

Glowing Skin
Glowing Skin

Make a paste of besan and ghee. Apply it and wash after 15 min with lukewarm water.

Healthy Cooking Oil
Healthy Cooking Oil

Use ghee as a cooking oil to make your dishes richer, satiating, and delicious.

Oil Pulling
Oil Pulling

Swish sesame oil in the mouth for about 20 minutes to detoxify and improve your oral health.


Sesame oil is a warming massage oil that provides nourishment and makes your skin healthy.

Natural Preservative
Natural Preservative

Traditionally in South India, sesame oil is used as a natural preservative in pickles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Anveshan Desi Cow Ghee costly as compared to other ghee?
Anveshan A2 Desi Cow Ghee is made entirely from the milk extracted from desi cows. The indigenous cow gives around 2-3 litres of milk per day which is more nutritious than foreign breeds that produce more milk. The cows are neither forced nor injected with hormones to enhance milk production.
Our ghee is bi-directionally bilona churned with a wooden churner. This is why our A2 cow ghee has a grainy texture, thicker consistency, tempting aroma, superior flavour, and is much healthier. Hence, A2 Desi Cow Ghee is costlier and better than regular ghee.
What should the consistency of my ghee be?
Generally, the consistency of ghee depends on the temperature at which you store it. At room temperature, it usually remains soft, and during winters, it solidifies. Depending on the temperature outside the jar, this process may happen quickly or slowly. It is perfectly normal for ghee to be liquid, solid, or a combination of consistencies.
How can we identify pure cow ghee?
The easiest method to check the purity is to do a pan test. Add a teaspoon of ghee to a pan and heat it. If the ghee starts melting immediately and turns dark brown, it is pure. However, if it takes time to melt and is yellow in colour, then it is adulterated.
How is the taste of your ghee different from any other ghee in the market?
Our ghee is obtained by churning curd and not cream (malai). So the nutritional content is more as compared to others. Therefore our ghee tastes a lot tastier and aromatic because it preserves the all-natural nourishment of ghee.
What is the difference between refined and cold-pressed oils?
Refined oils are colourless, odourless and flavourless fluids. The regular refined oils are extracted using solvents and grinding them at high speed, which can generate heat up to 100°C, which degrades the oil's taste and nutritional composition. Trans fats are produced in this process, making them unfit for your heart.
While our cold-pressed oils are extracted through pressing and grinding of seeds below a temperature of 50°C. Though it is a slow and time-consuming process, they retain their natural flavour, aroma, and nutritional value. They are high in antioxidants and vitamins and contain good fats for a healthy heart.
Can I cook with Anveshan Black Sesame Oil?
Sesame oil has a low smoke point and is not suitable for deep-frying. Instead, you can use it for garnishing, stir-frying, salad dressing, baking, and adding to all your favourite dishes. It is used in South Indian, Middle Eastern, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean cuisine for adding flavour to sautéeing, stir-frying, and seasoning.
How to use sesame oil for massage? Is it safe to use on the skin?
Sesame oil is an excellent oil for massaging the body. It is very soothing and effective if you are tired and have aches and pains. First, heat the sesame oil to a bearable temperature. Then, massage the oil and let your body relax. Keep it for 15 minutes, and then take a hot water bath.
Anveshan Black Sesame Oil is 100% pure and safe to use for all your skincare routines. But as a precautionary measure, you should always try a patch test on your arm.

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