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We should be completely aware of the food we eat, and what goes inside our body. We at Anveshan try to achieve this by establishing a completely transparent system allowing you to know every aspect of your product by simply scanning it.

Oil Packing
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Packaging Details

Oil Packing
We make sure that your product is carefully packed with utmost love and sincerity. All our units follow high standards of hygiene.

  • Filling Oils
  • Test Report
  • Packaging & QR Code
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Processing Details

Oil Processing
We follow our traditional method of extracting oil, so that all nutrients are retained in the oils. We do not use any chemicals or preservatives.

  • Oil Extraction
  • Raw Material Testing
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Farmer Details

Farmer Oil
We are growing seeds in the most natural manner using ayurvedic method using panchagavya and Good Bacterias.
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