Anveshan Gir Cow Ghee - Our Process

gir cows strolling in a farm


We used Ayurvedic method of churning curd (Bilona) made from Gir cow's milk. Makhan is then boiled in moderate heat and wood (Chullah) is used instead of natural gas as fuel.

Each litre of ghee requires 25-30 litres of milk, in contrast to conventional dairy ghee which is made from residual cream.

Our Ghee adds an unparalleled flavour and taste to any dish without the risk of bad fats.

gir cow ghee preparation on wood fire


Meet our Gir Cow Ghee Micro-Entrepreneur

gir ghee anveshan micro-entrepreneur

Mehul Sutariya is a native of Bhavnagar. Gujarat. Being emotionally attached and grown-up seeing Gir cows, he is rearing cows on his farm. His farm is spread across more than 2.5 acres of lush green land. It is situated at Budhana Village, near Palitana in a lush green region of Gujarat. It has over 150 cows of Gir breed.

Open grazing field and shelters made of natural material like clay and cow dungs. Devotional music is played in the background every day, which helps to keep the cows happy and healthy.