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Refined oils: The Ugly Truth

The cheap refined oils you’re buying come at the cost of your health.



Oil plays a gargantuan role in our diets and kitchens. There are hundreds of oil products in the market. In such a situation it becomes hard to decide on something, without gravitating towards the oil with a name so deceiving it almost sounds like liquid gold. Refined oil is often advertised as a gateway to good health.  We see a flashy show of a person struggling to function. However, they suddenly start living their best life as soon as they start using said refined oil. While refining might mean purifying, the process of refining oil isn’t as appealing. The crude oil is acid-treated, or bleached. It is also neutralized, filtered or deodorized all of which requires the use of chemicals. PUFAs that don't maintain up to elevated temperatures are generated during this process

Moreover, these oils oxidize and become trans[1] fats when extracted from the plant. Trans fats, or trans-fatty acids, are a form of unsaturated fat. It is agreed upon by doctors all across the globe that trans fats should be avoided. This is because artificial trans fats may increase the risk of heart disease. Many[2] studies [3] link the consumption of trans fats to cardiac[4] diseases[5].


We require fats to stay healthy which is why you and your loved ones should switch out refined oils for oils which are cold-pressed and produced with the consumer’s health in mind. At Anveshan oils are made with the utmost care and without the use of chemicals or heavy machinery which could lead to loss of nutritional content, instead we prioritize your health and bring you high-quality oils with the promise of good health.


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