Everything about ghee coffee

Everything You Need To Know About Ghee Coffee

Benefits | How to Consume | Caution

Coffee with the goodness of ghee. Let’s talk about Ghee coffee. 

Ghee-infused coffee is a divine essence in your diet, especially for those who are avid coffee drinkers. You may not be sure if ghee coffee is right for you, but this post will explain the basics. Read everything you need to know to inspire you on the path to an extraordinary cup of morning coffee.

Benefits of consuming ghee coffee

benefits of ghee in coffee

Some of the main benefits of ghee coffee are that it’s suitable for keto diets. It reduces the acidity in coffee for gut health, has a blend of healthy fats and nutrients for an added wellness boost. It has galore benefits, and not to mention the fact that it may be protective from cancer-causing agents. Plus, coffee can promote metabolic rate and tastes delicious. A tablespoon of ghee makes it all the better. 

Ghee also contains fats that may reduce inflammation, promote gut health, and has linoleic acid that may help increase fat loss. Ghee coffee is considered an Ayurvedic food, with an abundance of fat-soluble vitamins, such as Vitamin A, D, E, and K; which assist with vision, immune system, cell protection, as well as blood clot regulation (respectively). It’s rumoured to assist in maintaining energy throughout the day, speed up your metabolism, and assist with overall fat loss when consumed consciously. 

How to consume ghee coffee?

Ghee coffee

If you’re hesitant to try the suggested serving of a whole tablespoon, you can always substitute with a teaspoon, or less, initially. To find a blend that works for you and your diet, experiment with the amount you add to your coffee. If you’re looking for a boost in your morning coffee, chai, or breakfast latte, you may find yourself feeling blissful after this experimentation. Ghee has a far nuttier flavour profile than butter, which often makes it a well-loved substitute for creamy, dairy-tasting butter, especially when stirred into coffee. 

Be careful

Quantity to consume ghee in coffee

Keep in mind that excessive ghee coffee - or any high-caloric drink - isn’t suggested daily for the typical diet, but it can be something to enjoy on occasion or a few times a week for extra deliciousness and an added dose of nutrition. As with any element of our diet and food consumption, moderation is key to happiness and health. Keep this in mind, and you’ll be on the path to a wholesome and delicious diet in no time.

Recipe for a beautiful morning: make some Ghee coffee, enjoy a good book or media, and relax into delight.