Benefits of Consuming Buffalo Ghee

Benefits of Consuming Buffalo Ghee

Buffalo Ghee | For Weight Gain | For Immunity

Indians prefer pure ghee made from bovine milk because cows and other cattle are considered sacred in Hindu mythology. However, there is one other reason why cow ghee and buffalo ghee are preferred for food preparation. They are high in nutrients and other minerals that make them more beneficial for consumption. In India, ghee is preferred over coconut oil or vegetable oil.

Which is better cow ghee or buffalo ghee?

Desi cow ghee is considered superior to buffalo ghee in Ayurveda as it is sattvic and has better overall nutritional content.

Buffalo gheehowever, for some particular use cases is preferred over cow milk ghee. All of these are based on their specific nutritional value and medicinal properties.

Benefits of Buffalo Ghee

Buffalo Ghee Helps in Weight Gain

Buffalo Ghee helps in weight gain

Ever asked the question ‘does buffalo ghee increase weight?’ The answer is yes. It is a great addition to any diet if the end goal is weight gain, more energy and stamina, and even bodybuilding.

It’s a must-have food item for babies and kids, helping them in their growth and development. This is why most Indian households with kids have an uninterrupted supply of buffalo ghee.

Naturally, buffalo ghee is not a good option for weight loss. Instead, cow milk is preferred by adults who want to reduce weight and avoid cardiovascular ailments. So, is buffalo ghee good for weight loss? Not exactly, but it does offer several other health benefits.

Useful in Piles

buffalo ghee for piles or haemorrhoids

Buffalo ghee can be helpful in bleeding problems arising due to intestinal disorders like piles and sprue.

Induces Natural Sleep

buffalo ghee for sleep

Buffalo ghee induces natural sleep better than cow ghee.

Helps in Immunity

buffalo ghee for immunity

Buffalo ghee has antioxidants that help in boosting immunity. It improves the human body’s ability to absorb minerals and nutrients, thereby helping against viruses and bacteria. In the crucial time of coronavirus, buffalo ghee is then a great addition to everyone’s diet.

As Ayurvedic Medicine for Digestion

buffalo ghee for digestion

Ghee has an abundance of nutrition and medicinal properties. With its roots in Hinduism and Ayurveda, buffalo ghee can act as a remedy for stomach ulcers and other digestive issues. Its healing properties make it a great choice for medicinal mixtures in Ayurveda which have been trusted and used across India for centuries.

Since it aids in metabolism, consumption can also help in relieving issues like gastritis, constipation, and other stomach-related ailments. But always remember to consume it in moderation.


The several benefits of buffalo ghee make it a favourite ingredient among Indian households. Apart from consumption, it can also help in healing bruises, lubrication, and moisturisation. This is why it is an essential part of the Indian way of living where natural and safer remedies are preferred over English medicine.


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