Anveshan raises pre seed funding

Pre-Seed Funding Raised by Anveshan Farms | Seed Investment

What is Anveshan? 

We at Anveshan, want to be the brand that provides high-quality, natural minimally processed food made in the villages of India. We want to change how food is perceived today by making people aware of the manufacturing process and providing them super nutritious and tasty food products.

Due to longer supply chains and heavy mechanization in the food manufacturing industry, the market is filled with products that are highly processed and have chemicals and preservatives present in them. To solve this problem, we create Micro-Entrepreneurs in villages across India that make these food products using traditional practices. From there it is sent directly to our customers. This model ensures the best quality food product for the customers along with social and economic upliftment of the Indian farmers.

Also, there is absence of proof of quality in food products in the present market. For this we have deployed a traceability solution, where we store quality check data points across the supply chain. Once the customer receives an Anveshan product, he/she can scan the QR code on that product to view this quality check data along with other details related to the manufacturing, processing and packaging of that product.

Seed Investment Round

Anveshan was founded in 2019, by three IIT Alumni - Aayushi Khandelwal, Akhil Kansal and Kuldeep Parewa with a vision to empower the Indian farmers and make a trustable food brand. In Aug 2020, Anveshan raised an investment amount of ₹ 1.12Cr led by Titan Capital, along with 7 other groups of Angel Investors - Sumit Jain (CTO at Birdeye, Ex-CTO at Jabong,  ), Dinesh Jain ( CXO at Pubmatic ), Aman Gupta & Sameer Mehta ( Founders at Boat Inc. ), Neeraj Tyagi ( Principal at Venture Catalysts ), Ashutosh Valani & Priyank Shah ( Founders at Beardo ), Karthik Bhat ( Founder at Ubiquity ) and Friends & Family ( Kushagra Gupta, Shubham Bansal and Jagadeesh Dondeti ).

Where will the fund be used?

Since the primary focus of the company is quality control, we would like to invest a lot in food research and the development of technical solutions and devices that can track the food quality. Through this we will be able to maintain consistency as we scale and ensure that the best product is delivered to the customer each time. 

To keep up with the growth of the business, some part of the fund would be utilized to meet up with the working capital requirements of the business and also to hire quality people that share the same vision as that of the company. The remaining amount of the fund would be used to explore new marketing channels like distributorship and modern trade and set up better infrastructure for customer support.

What are your future plans and potential future impact? 

With a shift towards healthier lifestyle and growth of the natural foods market, we believe that Anveshan can create a big dent in the food market. The global market is at least ten times bigger than the domestic market and therefore that is something we will definitely explore in future. 

We would also be expanding our product catalogue so that we are able to impact more number of farmers and at the same time better address the needs of our customers. The idea here is to replace all the unhealthy ingredients in the kitchen that have long-term health ailments with natural and quality food products. We want our customers to take pride while buying Anveshan food products as not only are they contributing to their own health but also impacting the lives of Indian farmers, responsible for the production of those food products. 

Aayushi Khandelwal 
Talking about the investment and the support from the Titan Capital,  Aayushi Khandelwal, Co-founder, Anveshan said, “The initial round of funds will be used to invest in R&D, to optimize the supply chain and further improve the customer experience through our platform.”
“We are elated to receive this initial support and investors’ belief in our business, which is essential to fuel the expansion and growth of the business. Being a part of the growing e-commerce industry in India we are confident that we can substantially contribute to the grassroot economy through our services and popularise the food items made through traditional methods used by our farmers”, she further added.
Akhil Kansal

Pleased to share,  Akhil Kansal, Co-founder, Anveshan, said, “ We believe in investing in a system which brings high-quality organic products to our customers. The unique selling point of the range of our products is that they are 100% natural, preservative-free and unprocessed. Also, the market’s potential, in India itself, is huge and we also envision expanding globally over time.”


Kuldeep Parewa

Kuldeep Parewa, Founder and Chief Farmer, Anveshan, stated, "Through authenticity, creativity & commitment to change the current foodscape, we aim to bring pure, natural & organic food to our discerning consumers. Also, our unique micro-entrepreneur system enables us to empower Indian farmers and the village youth. We drive value addition to the farmers’ produce by eliminating middle-men and empowering through technology”.