Secrets of Gir Cow Ghee

The Secrets of Gir Cow Ghee

Gir Ghee |For Immunity | For Inflammation

Today, we’ll be discussing the secrets of Gir cow Ghee. By exploring the health benefits that will inspire you to incorporate Gir cow Ghee into your and your family’s diets, this post will motivate you to give it a try - if you haven’t indulged in this nourishing spread already, of course.

Traditional Ghee is a well-loved and popular addition to some of our favourite dishes; from breakfast indulgences such as paratha, toast, and coffee, to dinner delicacies like everyday sabzis or dals, chapatis and rotis; even in popular desserts such as halwa and most kinds of mithai. This multi-purpose spread is exceptionally common in the standard Indian household and adds a beautiful flavour profile to many incredible dishes. However, there’s another form of Ghee available, also known as Gir Cow Ghee, or Desi cow Ghee, that is equally delectable, and also essential to our diets.

So, what is Gir Cow Ghee?

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Essentially, it’s Ghee produced with the milk of a Gir, or Desi, cow. The Desi breed of cow originates from ancient India and is known for its humps. Desi cow’s humps are claimed to have better health benefits than the average cow sans hump, whose milk is often distributed popularly in other countries. While the properties of what exactly makes a Gir cow’s hump so special is rather speculative, extensive research and studies have proven that this breed of cattle does possess exponentially healthier benefits than those in traditional milk and Ghee.

Some of these health benefits include:

benefits of gir cow ghee

Boosts Immunity

The various vitamins in Gir Ghee, such as A2, E, D, and Omega 3, help to boost the body’s immunity to external pathogens and build overall immunity stamina.

Bone Health

The amount of Vitamin D present in Desi Ghee is said to promote bone health and even physical development.

Digestion Improvement

The butyric acid in Gir Ghee assists in digestion and anti-inflammatory processes in the body. Plus, Gir Ghee is said to be the easiest of dairy fats to be digested by the human body.

Reducing Inflammation

Research shows that the butyrate enemas and oral butyrate present in Ghee are often effective in reducing bodily inflammation.

Dermatological Enhancement

Gir Ghee is said to effectively treat burns, soften the skin, and promote skin smoothness. It is also claimed to slow the ageing process.

The benefits of Desi cow Ghee are plentiful. Not only is it delicious with a nutty flavour profile, but it also has impressive added health benefits that you wouldn’t necessarily get from eating traditional Ghee, butter, or even from non-Desi cow milk. We suggest adding a teaspoon to a tablespoon serving of Gir Ghee to your next meal to begin reaping the benefits that this wonderful spread has to offer. Not only will your meal be delicious, but full of health-boosting components, too. Your body, and taste buds, will soon thank you.