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Stone-Ground Spice Combo Sample Kit

This combo contains 3 pouches of hand-ground spices 

1) Hand-ground Coriander Powder - 30gm

2) Hand-ground Turmeric Powder - 30gm

3) Hand-ground Red Chilly Powder - 30gm

We would highly recommend storing them in some airtight glass or tin containers. Spices might secrete Original essentials oil if not stored properly.

The aroma and fragrance stay for a longer time due to air-tight pack containers.

All essentials oils are retained in the spices because of manual grinding at very low temperatures. 

 Choose wisely and invest in your health


  • 100% pure, organic, authentic, and traditional.
  • Preservative-free and natural.
  • Grounded using a traditional method of Imam Dasta.
  • Obtained through hand-ground traditional process  
  • 2x Essential oils.
  • Full of medicinal and herbal properties.
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