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Malabar Black Pepper Powder

Sourced from Thirumoorthy hills, the best quality of black pepper is selected for the purpose of grounding. It is 100% authentic, pure, intensely warm, spicy and has a strong penetrating aroma. It has a fine blend of aromas and a great taste that can be attributed to the fact that it is grounded by traditional method.

100 % pure

100 % natural

No chemicals added

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Sourced directly from Aatumalai, Thirumoorthy Hill, Anveshan Black Pepper is carefully selected. Anveshan black pepper powder is 100% authentic, pure, intensely warm, spicy and has a strong penetrating aroma. It is grounded using traditional methods such as ‘Imam Dasta’ which is a cool grinding method. The max temperature is around 40°C in the traditional method of grounding. It helps the Black Pepper powder to retain its natural Pipiriness, vitamins, minerals, and other essential oils that are generally lost in high-temperature grounding.



  1. High in antioxidant
  2. Improve blood sugar control
  3. Promotes gut health
  4. Boosts the absorption of nutrients
  5. Have cancer-fighting properties
  • 100% pure, organic, authentic and traditional.

  • Sourced from Aatumalai, Thirumoorthy Hill, Tamilnadu

  • Grounded using a traditional method of Imam Dasta.

  • Obtained using cool grinding method.

  • Retain its natural aroma and taste.

  • Essential oils not lost due to high-temperature grinding.

Why Anveshan?

We use the best quality ingredients straight from the farm. Providing quality products is our strength and we rely on that. We have hired experts in the field of manufacturing to help us maintain the quality of the products. All our customers who have used our products are absolutely delighted.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all standard Debit Cards, Credit Cards, UPI and Net banking methods. We also offer COD on all our products.

Why are your products so expensive?

We use the best ingredients available in the market to manufacture the products we manufacture. Our products are made using traditional methods, and are natural and unprocessed. We also want to ensure that the farmers get a fair share for and hence the price is slightly higher, but you are definitely getting what you are paying for.

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