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A2 Vedic Hallikar Cow Ghee 500ml

Made from genuine A2 milk of desi Hallikar cows native of Karnataka.The ghee is made using the Ayurvedic Bilona method of churning curd into butter which helps in building the perfect fatty acid profile, aroma and flavour. It is a must have for overall well-being.

100 % pure

100 % natural

No chemicals added

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500 ML
1 Litre

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Did you know?

Ghee made from the milk of Indian desi cows by Vedic process is an Ayurvedic superfood. It is tri-doshic, i.e. pacifies vata, pitta and kapha when consumed in moderate quantities.

Not only does ghee have fewer calories than butter, but it is also loaded with vitamins and has a high dietary fat content as well. To digest its vitamins, as they are fat-soluble they need to be combined with fat molecules. In the form of dietary fibre, ghee offers these fat molecules. Together, our bodies absorb them readily and thus can use these nutrients.

Process of Making Anveshan Ghee

22 litres of Harlikar cows' A2 milk gives 1 litre of Anveshan ghee. It is made by the Vedic process as described in Ayurveda to retain all the nutrients.

1. The fresh A2 milk from desi Harlikar cows is obtained. (The cows are fed natural fodder and are also left to graze freely in the fields.)

2. The milk is boiled and set to curd. This increases CLA percentage in the ghee.

3. The curd is then slowly churned bidirectionally to yield makkhan. This step ensures that all the nutrients are retained.

4. The makkhan is heated on a low flame to yield golden ghee


  • Improves Digestion.

  • Builds Immunity

  • Improved nutrient absorption

  • Good for Skin and Hair

  • Maintains good gut bacteria

  • Good for heart health

  • Useful in weight loss

  • Provides instant energy 

Why Anveshan?

We use the best quality ingredients straight from the farm. Providing quality products is our strength and we rely on that. We have hired experts in the field of manufacturing to help us maintain the quality of the products. All our customers who have used our products are absolutely delighted.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all standard Debit Cards, Credit Cards, UPI and Net banking methods. We also offer COD on all our products.

What is the difference between A1&A2 Milk?

A2 milk is from the Indian desi cows which have not been injected with any of the lactating hormones, whereas A1 milk is from the western cows. Desi cows give only 5-6L of milk a day, but the quality of the milk is superior and is also extremely nutritious.

Why are your products so expensive?

We use the best ingredients available in the market to manufacture the products we manufacture. Our products are made using traditional methods, and are natural and unprocessed. We also want to ensure that the farmers get a fair share for and hence the price is slightly higher, but you are definitely getting what you are paying for.

Is Anveshan ghee pure?

The ghee is 100% pure and natural. We do not add any preservatives, colors or additives to it. It's as close to nature as possible. All our customers who have tried the ghee absolutely love it, and have been using nothing but Anveshan Ghee since then. Please do give the ghee a try, and if you face any problems, we are always here to help you.

Customer Reviews

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Not satisfied

I booked 3rd time Anvesha ghee for my little but this time I am not satisfied with the taste of ghee.Even in the summer of Kolkata, ghee is completely frozen.


I have already used many bottles of this ghee.. This is the best ghee.
However, i wonder why is the name of the Desi cow not mentioned on the Bottle or the packaging? Only the description in website states it is Harlikar cow, why is it not mentioned on the bottle or the packaging? I hope the team responds to me.

The best ghee i ever tasted after ages

Excellent quality.Yummy and beautiful aroma.Loved the packing. Thanks team Anveshan



excellant packaging with super quality

I ordered cold processed sesame oil,coconut oil,ghee,turmeric powder, honey etc. EK SE BARKAR EK.Anveshan please keep it up.But I am not finding your cold processed SUNFLOWER OIL AND OLIVE OIL which are the best suited for me. I am waiting for these two products