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Anveshan Vedic Ghee - Our Process



She collected the milk from nearby Harlikar Cow farmers in her village in Coorg. Her family owns 10 cows and has connections with 15 other farmers nearby. 

   After quality testing of the milk it is stored in Anveshan Smart Earthern Pots and sent for Processing


Manju, 26, was a local ghee producer became an Anveshan micro-entrepreneur, because of his deep love for native Indian cows. He is currently working with around 100 farmers and collecting milk from over 200 cows from his nearby villages. He is incharge of making the ghee from the Vedic Bilona Process.

At Anveshan, we pledge to bring back the lost wisdom that was possessed by our traditional "Bilona" manufacturing process, where first we make curd out of milk and then churn it to get ghee. With our products, you can be rest assured of feeding your body the freshest and purest forms of nutrients. 


Your ghee matki was hand-packed by him in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. He loves to dance and is an ace PUBG player.