Anveshan Wood Pressed White Sesame Oil - Our Process



He harvested the coconuts used to manufacture your bottle of Coconut Oil. His family has been into Coconut farming for 2 generations.

 Smart Bags  Best Quality Seeds From The Farm Were Packed In Anveshan Smart Bags And Sent For Processing


Your oil was made by him using a Wood Pressing in a small factory on the outskirts of Ranchi. He is very entrepreneurial and started his own oil manufacturing unit 2015 years ago, after completing his 10th Pass, because there were a lot of mustard farmers in his village.

Wood pressed manufacturing unit

At Anveshan, we pledge to bring back the lost wisdom that was possessed by our traditional “wood-pressed” manufacturing processes. It does not involve the usage of any heat or chemical additives, as they destroy the nutrients in the food. With our products, you can rest assured of feeding your body the freshest and purest forms of nutrients.   

 Smart oil Containers  Your Oil Was Packed In Anveshan Smart Oil Containers After Thorough Testing For Quality Compliance


Your bottle was hand-packed by him in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. He loves to dance and is an ace PUBG player.

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