Anveshan Honey - Our Process


  1. Procurement: “Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds that you plant” – Robert Louis Stevenson. A best quality product demands best quality ingredients. We at Anveshan procure the best quality seeds from the farmers directly using comprehensive testing measures.
    sesame fields
  2. Processing: At Anveshan, we pledge to bring back the lost wisdom that was possessed by our traditional “wood-pressed” manufacturing processes. It does not involve the usage of any heat or chemical additives, as they destroy the nutrients in the food. With our products, you can rest assured of feeding your body the freshest and purest forms of nutrients.   

  3. Storage: The products at Anveshan are made in small batches and we ensure fresh produce is sent to the customers. Realizing the harmful impacts of storing oils in plastic on the environment and our health, we ensure that any storage is done is extremely hygienic conditions in stainless steel containers.

  4. Testing: We understand the importance of good quality foods and ensure best health for our customers through testing in FSSAI approved laboratories. Thorough testing is done for each batch of oil so that we are confident before sending it to our valuable customers.

  5. Packaging: Each product is packed with love, care and tenderness and each piece hand-packed by our team, to adhere to the high quality standards. Thank you for choosing Anveshan, your belief in our product and we hope you that you too will fall for our “Sesame Oil”.