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Wood Pressed Coconut Oil

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Anveshan coconut oil is made from fresh coconuts (copra) from the coasts of Tamil Nadu. The oil is produced using traditional wood-pressing technique which is healthier and purer than the factory-made oil because no heat is generated in the process and hence retains all the nutrients.

It is 100% natural, unrefined, chemical-free, vegan and preservative-free oil. Extract from fresh raw coconuts sourced directly from local farmers. Good for medium temperature cooking and salad dressings

It provides instant energy as it is easily digestible making it a healthy choice for kids, gym trainers, players, and yoga enthusiasts.

Anveshan Coconut Oil for Hair

Coconut oil for hair

It nourishes the hair by providing deep conditioning and moisture thus preventing breakage, dandruff, frizz and hair fall. Regular hair massage with this oil soothes the head and calms the mind inducing a good sleep

How to use onion juice and coconut oil for hair nourishment and a healthy scalp?

  1. Pull out juice of 1-2 onions.
  2. Warm-up 3 tablespoons of Anveshan coconut oil over a bowl of boiling water then add it to the onion juice.
  3. Massage into your scalp thoroughly then cover your hair with a disposable cap. Wait for 30 – 45 minutes.
  4. Wash out with a mild shampoo. Repeat 2 times a week

Benefits of Coconut Oil

Benefits of coconut oil

1. Good for Heart: It is good for regulating sugar levels in the blood.

2. Good for Skin: It is a natural make-up remover. That gently dissolves long-lasting, highly pigmented make-up without drying your skin. It is also good for chapped lips and is great for pre-bath massages and post-bath hydration. It also acts as an anti-ageing component.

3. Used in Medicated Oils: Coconut is one of the most stable oils and can easily imbibe the qualities of herbs with which it is processed, which makes it a very good base oil for various Ayurvedic medicated oils. It is better to avoid coconut oil in kapha imbalance, sinusitis, cold and cough.

4. Good for Cooking: Coconut oil is ideal for sauteing or stir-frying in a pan. It is also a good substitute for butter or eggs in baked dishes.

5. Helps regulate blood sugar levels 

6. Helps in weight loss by improving metabolism

7. Has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties


1. Why Anveshan?
We use the best quality ingredients straight from the farm. Providing quality products is our strength and we rely on that. We have hired experts in the field of manufacturing to help us maintain the quality of the products. All our customers who have used our products are absolutely delighted.

2. What payment methods do you accept?
We accept all standard Debit Cards, Credit Cards, UPI and Net banking methods. We also offer COD on all our products.

3. Difference between wood pressed & cold pressed oils?
Both wood-pressing and cold-pressing methods of extraction give unrefined and chemical-free oils. In the wood-pressing method, the equipment is made out of wood and in cold-pressing method, the equipment is made out of metal. The temperature in the cold-pressing method is higher than the temperature in the wood-pressing method. More nutrients are preserved in wood-pressing when compared to cold-pressing. The yield in wood-press method is slightly lesser compared to the cold-press method.

4. Why are your products so expensive?
We use the best ingredients available in the market to manufacture the products we manufacture. Our products are made using traditional methods, and are natural and unprocessed. We also want to ensure that the farmers get a fair share for and hence the price is slightly higher, but you are definitely getting what you are paying for.

5. Uses of Coconut Oil?
You can use the oil for many purposes. All our wood pressed oils are edible. Cooking, skin massage, hair massage and oil pulling are some of the major use-cases of this oil.

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