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Multi-Floral Honey

Flavourful health in a jar!
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  • Unprocessed
  • No added sugar
  • Cruelty-free
  • Nutritional tonic



Our Multi Floral Honey is sourced from deep forests rich in herbal flowers and vegetation. It has a light amber colour, an exotic aroma and an irresistible, unique flavour. A good source of natural vitamins, iron, minerals, enzymes and more makes it an effective revitalizer of the body. Now add good nutritional value to your health with our delicious Multi Floral Honey.

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We obtain honey with traditional knowledge and sustainable methods without destroying the hives. We don’t add or remove anything from the pure honey produced by the bees.
  • 1 Certified Beekeepers

    Certified Beekeepers

    The entire processing of our honey is done by certified beekeepers in the dense forests of Uttarakhand.

  • 2 Site Selection

    Site Selection

    Our experienced beekeepers select areas good for flowering and choose the location to keep bee boxes.

  • 3 Nectar collection

    Nectar collection

    The honeybees collect nectar from 8 to 10 different types of floral within the range of 2 km from the boxes.

  • 4 Bee-friendly Extraction

    Bee-friendly Extraction

    Once bees fill the boxes, we start extracting the honey. We set up a net tent so that the bees won't fight or run away.

  • 5 In-house Testing

    In-house Testing

    The collected honey is tested in our ME unit. The honey is indirectly heated in boiled water and sieve filtered.

  • 6 Packed Securely

    Packed Securely

    The honey is kept for 48 hours so that the air bubbles get settled. It is then packed and delivered to you.

  • Immunity booster

    Rich in iron, calcium, magnesium etc., it enhances the body's natural defence system and plays a vital role in maintaining optimum health.

  • Prevents from infections

    Its antibacterial and medicinal properties protect our body against bacteria and fungi, and also helps maintain gut health.

  • Helps burn fat

    It acts as a fuel to make the liver produce glucose, which keeps the brain sugar levels high and forces it to release fat-burning hormones.

  • Purifies blood

    Its detoxifying properties clean the blood and remove toxins. It also has abundant iron that improves haemoglobin levels.

  • Soothes cough

    It has anti-inflammatory effects. It is an effective remedy to relieve a cough, cold or sore throat pain.

  • Good for hair and skin

    Loaded with antioxidants that help keep your hair healthy and give you young, radiant skin.

We love to add it to everything!

Natural Sweetener
Natural Sweetener

Mix honey into milk, yoghurt, cereal, oatmeal or while baking muffins, pancakes, etc., as a natural sweetener.

Honey in Dessert
Honey in Dessert

Prepare all your favourite desserts with honey and indulge in the flavours of guilt-free desserts.

Power Snack
Power Snack

For a quick and nutritious snack, mix dry fruits, raw toasted oats, warm milk and three tablespoons of honey in a bowl.

Know how our honey is made by our founder

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Multi Floral Honey?
Multi Floral Honey is a type of honey where bees collect the nectar from more than one flower like sunflower, mustard, eucalyptus etc., to make honey in the comb. Although the colour and flavour can vary, it has a delightful aroma, creamy appearance, and a unique taste of the variety of flower nectar.
How much honey can I eat every day?
Ideally, three to five tablespoons of honey a day is good enough. However, you can consume it according to your diet and preferences. But always remember to consume it in moderation.
Is it true that the thicker the consistency, the better the honey?
No, it is not. The thickness of honey does not define the purity of honey. It varies depending on the nectar source, place, climate, flower type, harvesting, etc.
Do you heat or add flavour to your honey?
No. We do not add any flavours, chemicals, or preservatives. Heating raw honey weakens or destroys beneficial enzymes, vitamins, and minerals. So, we do not heat our honey. Instead, it is delivered to you fresh and with its naturally occurring goodness.
Are there any side effects of Multi Floral Honey?
If you are allergic to pollen, diabetic or pregnant, you should avoid consuming Multi Floral Honey.

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