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A2 Gir Cow Ghee

Magical aroma, taste & texture
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  • Balances cholesterol levels
  • Good for pregnant women
  • Helps in babies' growth
  • Heart-healthy fats



Our A2 Gir Cow Ghee is prepared using the traditional bilona method to bring the best nutrition. Our Gir ghee is made in small batches from the fresh A2 milk of Gir cows of Gujarat. It has a soft creamy texture, a tempting mild curdy aroma, and a mouth-watering taste. Every batch of our ghee undergoes 12 lab tests before being placed in food-grade glass jars. This ghee is a sure way to enhance your health.

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Amazing Health Benefits

  • Removes bad cholesterol

    Removes bad cholesterol

    A2 bilona churned ghee is the only vegetarian fat type that tones up the liver to make more good cholesterol. Hence, it uplifts HDL (good) cholesterol levels and lowers LDL (bad) cholesterol levels.

  • Best ghee for your baby's healthy growth

    Best ghee for your baby's healthy growth

    It boosts the baby's immunity, metabolism, and digestion system. In addition, giving your baby ghee during the initial years will support the development of strong and healthy bones.

  • Recommended ghee for weight loss

    Recommended ghee for weight loss

    Consuming ghee with hot water in the morning or adding it to your daily meals helps lubricates the gut and helps get rid of toxins, thus improving the metabolism. In addition, ghee pushes the stored fat cells in the body to be burnt in exchange for energy. Hence, it helps in reducing weight faster.

  • Your heart-healthy cooking solution

    Your heart-healthy cooking solution

    Along with a high smoke point that makes it ideal for all types of cooking, it has SCFAs, omega-3, and omega-6 fats that are healthy for your heart.

  • Your soothing companion during pregnancy

    Your soothing companion during pregnancy

    It supports a healthy immune system, removes toxins and repairs tissues. In addition, it helps combat acidity, which many pregnant women struggle with since a growing uterus forces the acidic secretions upward.

  • Healthiest ghee for aged people

    Healthiest ghee for aged people

    Bilona Cow ghee improves cholesterol levels, relieves constipation, is good for eyesight, and boosts immunity, making it a good choice for senior citizens.

Journey of our Gir Cow Ghee

  • 1 We Source the Best

    We Source the Best

    Our ghee is proudly made in India. We source the native Gir cow milk from the farmers of Gujarat.

  • 2 Slow-cooked


    Milk is boiled on firewood, cooled, and then set to curd at room temperature. This increases the Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) percentage.

  • 3 Bilona Churning of Curd

    Bilona Churning of Curd

    The curd is churned bi-directionally using a wooden churner that helps retain all essential nutrients.

  • 4 Obtaining Ghee

    Obtaining Ghee

    The churning yields makkhan, which is then heated on a low flame to obtain golden ghee.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is A2 Gir cow ghee?
Ghee prepared using the milk of desi Indian cows is called A2 Ghee, and ghee only made from pure milk of Gir cows is called A2 Gir Cow Ghee. It has a rich, buttery aroma that is slightly nutty and earthy, with hints of sweetness and saltiness. The aroma of Gir Ghee is subtle and distinct, with a lingering richness expressing high quality. You can try Anveshan A2 Gir Cow Ghee. They prepare it using fresh A2 milk from the best Gir cows in Gujarat.
Why is Gir cow ghee expensive?
The A2 Gir cow ghee price mainly depends on the nutritional value of the milk and the process by which it is made. For example, the A2 milk from desi cows is more nutritious and expensive than milk from genetically modified or jersey cows. Hence, the price of A2 Gir cow milk is high due to its rare availability and high nutritional value. Similarly, if you use the Vedic bilona method to make 1 kg of pure Gir cow ghee, you will need around 27-29 litres of A2 Gir cow milk, whereas, through the commercial or cream process, you will need only 20-22 litres.

Also, the by-product of the cream method is skimmed milk which has a good market value. But on the other hand, the by-product of the bilona method is buttermilk which doesn\'t have enough market value and buyers. Hence, the bilona process is comparatively expensive.

Anveshan Gir cow ghee is prepared from the fresh milk of rare Gir cows of Gujarat directly sourced from farmers while ensuring fair prices. It is prepared using the Vedic bilona method to provide optimal health and quality. So if you buy 1 kg of Anveshan Gir ghee, means you are paying for: over 28 litres of pure Gir cow milk + Vedic process + purity + farmers\' happiness.
How to check the purity of A2 desi cow ghee at home?
The easiest method to check the purity of A2 desi cow ghee is to do a pan test. Add a teaspoon of ghee to a pan and heat it. It is pure if the ghee starts melting immediately and turns dark brown. However, if it takes time to melt and remains yellow in colour, it is adulterated.
Which is the best A2 desi Gir cow ghee brand in India?
Anveshan is the best A2 desi Gir cow ghee brand in India. It is prepared from the milk of Gir cows of Gujarat using the traditional bilona method in which curd is churned into butter to bring the best nutrition, health and purity. To ensure high quality, Anveshan has developed deep traceability solution. Through it, you can trace the path of your ghee from the farm to your doorstep, like how and where it is prepared, lab-test reports of every batch, etc., and be confident about quality just by scanning a QR code.
Which cow ghee is best for health?
A2 Bilona Gir Cow Ghee is more nutritious than other regular ghee as it is prepared using the Vedic bilona method. In this method, the curd is churned bi-directionally using a wooden churner to maintain the right heat and pressure that helps retain all essential nutrients. As a result, it contains more vitamins, antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acid DHA, omega-6 (CLA), and mono-saturated fatty acid (MUFA), making it good for heart health. So if you are looking for gir ghee online, then Anveshan A2 Gir Ghee is the best option available for you.
What are the benefits of A2 cow ghee?
A2 cow ghee is regarded as the healthiest ghee available. It decreases bad cholesterol, promotes digestion, boosts immunity, and aids in better nutrient absorption, unlike regular ghee made from A1 milk, which can cause indigestion, inflammation, cholesterol build-up, and other adverse health effects.
What is A2 Gir cow ghee used for?
You can use A2 Gir cow ghee for deep frying, sauteing, and all other types of cooking because of its high-smoke-point and heart-healthy fat content.
You can also use it as an Ayurvedic remedy, like rubbing some ghee daily on your navel to fight acidity, having it with milk before bedtime for sound sleep, or drinking it with warm water on an empty stomach to relieve constipation.

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Quality and taste is the best

I have been a regular consumer and extremely satisfied with the quality taste and service

A2 Gir Cow ghee

Excellent product and very good quality. Nice in taste.


I have seen about this product in online and after listening about this product, I am interested in buying. But before buying I wanted to know that
What do you feed your cow ?
Give reply on the provided Email ID

Mehul shah
Excellent product

From order to delivery to packaging to consumption and the taste … just awesome

Kasturi Vasudevan
A2 Gir Cow Ghee