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A2 Vedic Ghee, your delicious weight loss companion.

The mind bending benefits of pure desi ghee!

Smeared on your food and in the news, ghee has been through it all, and now its better than ever.

Ghee, also known as clarified butter, has been used as a healing additive in Ayurveda for millennia. Ghee is an ingredient that we trust and for good reason, studies[1] have found that ghee is one of the healthier sources of fat and it is beneficial for you. Not only does ghee have fewer calories than butter Ghee is loaded with vitamins and has a high dietary fat content as well. To digest these vitamins, as they are fat-soluble they need to be combined with fat molecules. In the form of dietary fibre, Ghee also offers these fat molecules. Together, our bodies absorb them readily and thus our bodies can use these nutrients. Ghee is rich in A, D, E and K vitamins that can assist in repairing damaged skin, enhancing sight, balancing hormones, and controlling metabolism. ([2]Refer) In addition to all this ghee is known to reduce inflammation, improve digestion and immunity.

However the ghee that we find ourselves purchasing from the stores is not always all that it promises to be, oftentimes the ghee that we buy has been through adulteration and requires heavy machinery which uses excessive heat for its production, in such cases the quality and nutritional content of ghee suffers. However Vedic ghee is a type of ghee that requires more manual labour which helps in ensuring a standard of quality.


At Anveshan a 1kg batch of Vedic Ghee requires about 30 litres of A2 milk, which is curdled and churned, the whey which floats to the top is then separated and the remaining liquid is heated to obtain pure Vedic Ghee. 

This ghee is prepared using the technique propounded by the Shastras, the ghee generated from this Vedic technique is called ' Bilona Ghee.' or hand-churned ghee. This ghee maintains healthy and fat-soluble vitamins that make absorbing essential nutrients simpler for the body. Hand-churned ghee also contains linolenic acid, which is helpful in weight loss, particularly abdominal fat, and known to slow cancer and cardiovascular disease development. What's more? Lactose intolerant people can enjoy Vedic ghee too.


[1]  https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3215354/

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  • It is mentioned that 1 litre of ghee is produced by 30 litres of A2 milk. The cost of 30 litres of A2 milk will be greater than the price 1 litre of ghee. How are you selling the ghee below cost ?

    Pankaj Kumar

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